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Meet Mr.Ananthan
Chairman Dove Multimedia
AnandhanMr. Ananthan chairman of Dove Multimedia which is a leading company in the field of multimedia CD production. Mr. Ananthan is in the field of multimedia CD production over a decade. He is an Engineering graduate and also has Masters Degree in Business Administration. He completed is UG in Coimbatore and PG in Madurai. He started Dove Multimedia as a distributing concern for foreign CDs. Eventually they moved on to own CD production. They are giving their CDs with a brand name of "Pebbles". Though Dove Multimedia is situated in Chennai now they are distributing all over the Country and they are producing Multimedia CDs in many regional languages also. Mr. Ananthan shared his experiences in the field with BhashaIndia…
Tell us more about yourself and how you came into field of Multimedia CD production?
Ananthan: I am basically an Electronics Engineer with MBA degree in Marketing, after completing my Masters; I joined as a marketing manager in a company which produces multimedia CDs. But the company didn’t run well, so their proprietors decided to terminate and that is happened. After coming out of that concern, I determined to start a new company with a same task of my previous concern, but this time with a different approach to the market. Hence I started Dove Multimedia on 1995, with distributing imported CDs. In that time the target customers also are very few in number. Pricing of the products are also very high. We focused on the market and sustained till the time comes.
When you started to produce own CDs?
Ananthan: In the year 2002 I decided to produce own CDs, that is to create new multimedia CDs, by the time I am greatly known with the existing market. So we gradually started to produce Multimedia CDs from that time. I strongly rely on quality and pricing that holds the market. When I start, the distributed CDs have their prices ranging on thousands. This is mainly because they are imported. At the time I came to produce I decided to price at moderate level, aiming at all levels people.
What are the different types CDs you produce?
Ananthan: We produce multimedia CDs mainly focusing on Education. We give School Syllabus, reference items, Dictionaries in an innovative and easily acceptable way. So that students are very eager to buy our CDs. Next, we concentrate on Kids; we develop many CDs on targeting Kids as they are the major viewers of animation. We also develop CDs for general people, who are willing to study on their own. We developed a series of self learning CDs, which got a good response among our customers.
You develop CDs in regional languages also. How far it is difficult to develop a multimedia CD in regional language?
Ananthan: Yes. We develop CDs in regional languages also. On talking about production of CDs in regional languages, it requires some extra work. First we ought to have good knowledge over the language. Then production will be an on going process because of the language, we must have reviews and rechecks to minimize the errors. Next our market will be limited. But production in regional languages is quite affordable only. When we start producing, we also started developing regional language CDs and its working out well.
How you involved in the creation side and what is your market strategy?
Ananthan: I involve in the creation by selecting right title or concept to build up into a CD. Then I also involved in making time allotments to my workers. I actively mixed up with them from the decision of the concept towards the final output. I do involve in marketing because it is actually the driver seat for a company. My main strategy is "no compromise in quality" as many competitors can make same type of CDs; our quality should be maintained through out the production process. At the same time we concentrate on pricing and advertising. As I said earlier we concentrate on all levels of people, we do moderate pricing and we believe in 'word of mouth' of our customers.
Can you list some of the topics you produce multimedia CDs?
Ananthan: Yes, of course. We develop CDs on numerous topics, let me categorize as rhymes, moral stories, traditional and humor tales, devotional & great leader's tales, Western & adventure tales, kids education & activities, Software tutors, Subjects and competitive exams, health care and general titles. In regional language CD production we have some topics like Learn English, Learn Hindi, Learn Tamil and etc., and then we have kids CDs in regional languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu etc., we are focusing on developing much more CDs on regional Languages in near future.
What are all your future plans and expectations on this market?
Ananthan: I strongly believe that future for multimedia CD will not go down, because as the time and economy level of people grows up the acceptance level also goes up. The only thing we should concentrate is on our quality. So there is a market always. Our proposed topics that may be covered in coming months are 'complete tourism guide for temples of Tamil Nadu' and a full length animation movie of great ethic Mahabharata in English and Tamil.
In what way multimedia may change in future?
Ananthan: Today we are making animations and giving it CDs. In future there may not be CDs, we are aware of it. We always ready to change, as we expect that we may have future in e-learning and e-tutorials or something else.

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