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BhashaIndia Testimonials
"BhashaIndia is doing a great job. The forums are great platforms to learn and discuss various Indic computing issues. The information available on the site is not available on any other website. While enabling the Indic support on PowerPoint and other services, you need to change certain settings. BhashaIndia is the only site that I've come across which has so much of detail about Unicode More people should get involved.But I'm very grateful to BhashaIndia for encouraging developers who have only quality products to offer. The Solutions Directory has only worthy products listed on it. I wish BhashaIndia all the luck in any endeavor that it plans to work towards! "
Mr. Vishwanathan- Director, SRV Consultants
"I have put up my solution on a community site like BhashaIndia, so that more people can download it and learn about it. "
Mr. Ashish Shukla- Student Developer
"It makes me happy to see that BhashaIndia is working towards making Indic computing popular."
Mr. Ajaylal -Managing Partner and CEO, Supersoft
"The BhashaIndia website is an excellent forum for discussions regarding language computing. They also have some great tools that make life much simpler for users."
Mr. Shubhranshu Choudhary -Founder Member, CGNet
"I feel that Microsoft BhashaIndia is an excellent initiative for the promotion of Indian languages in computers. I feel that this initiative promotes Indian languages not simply in a local context, but also at a global level. Work is underway to recognize Hindi as a UN language as well. This work, coupled with the phenomenal work BhashaIndia has been doing, will certainly promote Indian languages in terms of global standing as well as technological development to the status they deserve."
Mr. Ravi Kumar - Translation Professional
BhashaIndia stunned and interested me immensely. I could see its potential, its reach and the impact over time. Imagine what a magnificent and powerful tool it would be in the hands of people who have never had an opportunity of this sort.
Mr. Sudhir Dar -Cartoonist Extraordinaire
"The Bhasha India project is a path-breaking initiative. The common man is under the impression that a comprehension of the English language is a must for computing. Despite the efforts of small-scale developers, the average person is still under the impression that computing in an Indian language involves some sort of a 'manipulation' and is not feasible on every computer. The arrival of Microsoft ushers in the confidence and conviction that language computing is a reality."
Mr. Maalan V Narayanan - Journalist and Writer, INFITT
"I am sure the Hindi section of will be the forum of real users of Hindi computing."
- Vijay K. Malhotra
"I am very impressed by the initiative Microsoft has taken up. I think the very fact that I am a member of the BhashaIndia community amply demonstrates my belief and support for this project. Our urban youth, long cut-off from their roots, would gain a greater sense of awareness of their language and culture. This will go a long way in preserving our languages and culture in the consciousness of tomorrow's generations."
Mrs. Vasantha Murthy - Educationist and Telugu Language Enthusiast
"Over BhashaIndia, Gujarati community can come together to promote their own language and keep alive this beautiful language in a best way. With Unicode, I am sure that this will be an easy thing. So far, apart from the language development help, the message forums such as ‘aapni bhasha, apnu gaurav’ (our language, our pride) are activated for Gujarati language, we are also trying to work on Gujarati computing glossary, and participation is on increase. I am sure this will grow in all directions!"
Ms. Roopal Mehta
BhashaIndia Member Speak
"I am very glad to register on BhashaIndia which is very helpful for new developers for regional languages."
- Mr. Sachin Allewar
"It is great that BhashaIndia has started Community Glossary for various Indian languages."
- Mr. Kamalakar Singh
"I am now able to type all alphabets in Gujarati language and that is great. Thank you for making my life so much easier. I have been trying to do this for ages, but now I know it all and also teaching my friends to communicate in Gujarati language."
- Mr. Praveen Thanki
"This TBIL converter is a good converter, thanks BhashaIndia for a good utility. i have used it for converting font based files to Unicode and the conversion is excellent."
- Mr. Navdeep
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