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About BhashaIndia
Information technology has been developing at a rapid pace, however the number of computer users in India is but a small fraction of the entire population. The reason being the language divide. About 5 percent of India’s population conduct business in English, the remaining 95 percent prefers their own regional language. This disparity in language is one of the main contributors to the digital divide.
One way of addressing this digital divide is to promote Indian language computing. The success of this movement would require the active involvement of developers, linguists, academicians, the end user of these products and students. What is required is a common platform for people from these sections to interact and contribute to the Indian language computing movement.
Towards establishing a direct contact and providing a common platform to the larger community of people, including students, linguists, academicians etc, Microsoft launched the portal "". This portal aims at building a community of developers and linguistic academia who will contribute towards the development and use of Indian languages for PC usage. The portals a one-point reference for all Indic related activities. Additionally this portal would be of interest and use for general PC users, educational and training institutions, and government agencies.
To address the two different categories of users namely the developer community and the linguist and end users, the entire portal has been divided into two sections. The content for these sections have been tailored to suit the audience of these sections.
BhashaIndia is a true community site as it goes beyond providing online content. Our panel of experts is actively involved in conducting workshops, quiz contests, student outreach programs. The BhashaIndia forum acts as a perfect platform to post queries discuss and debate issues. BhashaIndia’s panel of experts answer the queries related to Indian language computing that users post in the forum.
One of BhashaIndia’s aims is to promote Indic language computing and developmental work done in this area. The Solutions Directory is a unique forum that allows small businesses and individuals to freely market their Indian language applications and fonts to their target audience.
BhashaIndia, India’s leading Indic computing community portal has over 15000 registered users and continues to grow by the day. It has become a one stop center for all resources related to Indian language computing. Articles, latest news, snippets of interesting information and resources like applications related to Indic computing are all available on this site. Today BhashaIndia has become the destination for anybody interested in Indian language computing.
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