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Vista - Breakthrough Computing

Life has become more digital in the recent times. The documents created, photos taken, music and video on the PC, day-to-day correspondence through e-mail and fax et al are digital today. In short, we can say that our lives are connected to the digital files on PC.

Windows Vista is the name of the latest release of Microsoft Windows, a line of graphical operating systems used on personal computers, including home and business desktops, notebooks and media centers. The scheduled release date for Windows Vista worldwide is January 30, 2007.

Windows Vista introduces breakthrough-computing experiences that are both visually exciting and intuitively designed. With the new desktop experience, we can organize and find information more efficiently. Windows Vista contains hundreds of new features. These elements of Windows Vista work together to create a new breakthrough computing experience:

Windows Aero:
Windows Vista provides two distinct user interface experiences: a "basic" experience for entry-level systems, and a more visually dynamic experience called Windows Aero. Windows Aero builds on the basic Windows Vista user experience and offers the best-designed, highest-performing desktop experience.

Intuitive design for a streamlined experience:
The Windows Vista desktop experience provides fast access to the applications and information we want to use. The design of Windows Vista also helps to efficiently navigate across the PC.

Improved productivity:
The Windows Vista basic interface and Windows Aero helps to find and organize the information on desktop quickly. This helps to keep track and raise the level of productivity. With the innovative storage system of Windows Vista, we can run more targeted searches and create personalized views of the search results without worrying about where the files are stored on the PC. Overall, Windows Vista helps business in the following ways
  • Protect PCs against spy ware and other threats using built-in security features
  • Retrieve older versions of documents deleted accidentally
  • Use a simple wizard to automate backups
  • Work virtually anywhere with more secure and dependable remote access
  • Find information and resources faster with Instant Search
  • Respond more quickly to customers with integrated faxing and scanning
New business opportunities don't come around every day. The launch of the Windows Vista operating system is so significant as it is more secure, more reliable, easier to use, and has more potential to fuel the success of business than any previous version of Windows.

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